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If I post my music, will it be stolen?

I often encourage my unsigned clients to spread their music and performances as widely as possible. Some are afraid to post their performance videos or allow song downloads on their websites for fear of theft or overexposure. Such reluctance or fear is ill founded and counter-productive. Register your original songs with the U.S. Copyright Office (costs about $50.00--even for a collection of songs) and get them out there! You can only succeed by waiving your flag higher than your competitors and getting attention. Even offering free downloads of your early demo's as long as they are well produced, doesn't dilute your ownership or the value of eventually just gets you more grassroots fans. The more popular performances you have on line, the better chance of finding a money partner like a record label to sign you. Feel free to sell your songs too, of gotta swim, stars gotta eat, right?

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