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What’s the best advice I can give someone in the entertainment industry? The boxer’s motto: “Protect yourself at all times” comes to mind. The question is: how do you do THAT? That’s where I come in. From securing the ownership of your original music, screenplay or video to negotiating the most favorable contract possible when you get an offer, to helping you exit a bad deal, I make sure you are protected. Recently, my client, recording artist, “Rufus”(name changed, duh) desperately wanted out of his Management Agreement. I discovered that the Management Agreement had no definable term—it was forever renewable. Under Florida Law, such a contract is considered terminable at will. So, that’s what we did—terminated it. The client could move on with his music career without owing his ex-manager anything and he thanked me with the gift of a 12-string guitar. Client protected. A win win for sure.

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